Flat Fee Contract Development

Independent Contractor Agreement
If you are hiring someone, or being hired, to provide services on a project specific basis, this Agreement governs the relationship between you and the independent contractor. Independent contractors are not employees and are responsible for their own tax liabilities.

Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement
If you’re are entering into business negotiations or otherwise sharing ideas, concepts or confidential business and trade secrets, this Agreement protects your confidential information and proprietary materials from unauthorized disclosure.

Non-Compete and Non-Circumvention Agreement
Once you shared your business idea proprietary information or methodology with your business or take your idea and exploit it for themselves.

Florida Limited Liability Company (LLC) Operating Agreement
An operating agreement is the governing document for a Florida limited liability company (LLC). It is a comprehensive company agreement covering ownership interest voting rights adding or removing members selling or transferring interest, and secession planning.

Florida Corporation Shareholders Agreement
A shareholders or stockholders agreement is the governing document for a Florida Corporation. It is a comprehensive corporate agreement covering stock ownership voting rights adding or removing shareholders selling or transferring shares and secession planning.

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