Pre-Hire Call

Complimentary phone call up to fifteen (15) minutes to discuss your legal matter, and determine whether the firms services are a good match for your unique needs. Our pre-hire call is designed for prospective and existing clients to briefly discuss new matters with the law firm, prior to representation or purchase of firm services. If clients would like a more involved and exhaustive consultation with the attorney beyond the 15 min pre-hire call, a paid Discovery Consultation or Legal Strategy Session is recommended.


For personal injury matters please schedule a FREE PERSONAL INJURY CASE REVIEW

If you prefer, you can easily get started online by submitting our
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Discovery Consultation ($150)

Thirty (30) minute consultation designed to get a better understanding of your unique legal needs and to discuss our firms services in greater detail beyond the time allotted in our Pre-Hire Consultation. This service is great for those who may be unsure about where to start or the type of legal support or services they may need. Additionally, if you have several questions or topics that you would like to briefly discuss including general legal and business inquiries. Discuss your most pressing legal questions directly with an attorney who can share valuable insight and recommendations.


Virtual Legal Strategy Session ($325.00 USD) [Phone/Zoom]

A sixty (60) minute consultation with Attorney Alanna Lamar focused on understanding your legal/business needs, goals, opportunities, and challenges. You will have the opportunity to speak 1-on-1 with a business attorney to discuss your legal matter in detail prior to retaining the law firm for additional services or representation. The goal of our Legal Strategy Sessions are to gain valuable legal insight into your business, and to develop wholistic solutions that meet each clients unique needs. Following the Strategy Session the Attorney will send a detailed outline of any recommendations, costs, and/or considerations based discussed during the consultation.

Strategy Sessions are designed for anyone needing to discuss a legal matter with an Attorney. Strategy Sessions are useful in assisting clients in formulating ST and LT legal business strategies, and provide clients with clarity about legal their unique needs, legal spend, and opportunities for leveraging legal as part of their strategic plans.


Scope of Legal Strategy Session

What’s Included?

  • 60 minute virtual consultation via Zoom or Phone with Attorney
  • Review and discuss factual background and preliminary details of legal matter
  • An initial assessment of prospects unique situation and legal needs
  • Discussion on the law and its impact, risk, strategies and remedies
  • Advisement of available legal options, services and costs
  • Answering legal questions within the scope of law firms practice areas

What’s Not Included:

  • Legal Research
  • Formal Legal Document/Contract Review
  • Legal Document/Contract Drafting or Revisions
  • Out of office contact including emails or phone calls to third parties or outside counsel
  • Drafting correspondence
  • Appearance before any court, arbitrator, tribunal, or other agency

Trademark Strategy Session & Trademark Mapping ($1,000)

Includes Sixty (60) min Trademark Strategy Session with the Attorney.
Trademark Mapping Service – Consult with the attorney about your business and brand to create an easy to follow overview of your Trademark(s) including a summary of opportunities, threats, budget requirements and actionable advice to organize, protect and leverage your Intellectual Property.

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Consultation Policies
Fees & Payment. Consultation Fees for Discovery Calls and Virtual Legal Strategy Sessions are required at the time of booking, and payment is part of the scheduling process. Payments are processed online and can be made using a debit/credit card or e-check. All Consultation Fees are considered earned upon receipt and are deposited into the law firms operating account and not into any type of client trust account.

Refunds & Rescheduling. In the event you need to re-schedule an appointment, please notify the law firm no later than twelve (12) hours prior to a scheduled Strategy Session; OR no later than four (4) hours prior to a schedule Discovery Call. It is the firm’s policy to allow one (1) opportunity to reschedule before the Consultation Fee is forfeited. No refunds will be issued for no-shows. Law Firm will refund a fee paid, or if the firm is unable to schedule you or law firm is forced to re-schedule more than one (1) appointment. Rescheduling opportunities for no-shows or additional rescheduling request may be offered at the sole discretion of the law firm and attorney.

Right to refuse/reject consultations. Please note that pre-hire calls and/or any other consultations offered by law firm are not guaranteed and are subject to law firms approval of the request. Law Firm and attorney Lamar, reserves the right to decline any pre-hire call or consultation request for any or no reason.

Scheduling. Choose a day and time that is convenient for you using the scheduling links on this page, or on the firm scheduling page. Additional instructions will be sent to the email address provided during the scheduling intake process. Please ensure that all information provided is correct, as we will not provide any refunds if we are unable to reach you for the appointment. If you have a preference for phone or video consultation, please indicate when scheduling.

Additional time and/or services. If you decide to hire the law firm following a consultation, you will be required to execute a written engagement agreement and pay any applicable attorneys fees prior to the commencement of additional work or services. Please understand that Law Firm may decline any requested engagement for any or no reason.

Privilege & Confidentiality. Although an attorney-client relationship is not established until a formal engagement agreement is signed, any communications made to the attorney or law firm prior to and during the pre-hire call/consultation will be kept and considered strictly confidential and regardless of whether the firm is ultimately retained or if the firm declines to representation.

Law Firm Referrals. If our law firm is not the right fit, or if your particular needs exceed our current scope of practice we will do our best to refer you to another law firm. Please be advised, that the firm makes absolutely no guarantees or endorsements of any law firm or attorney which we may refer you to.